About Oak Creek Commons

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A Community Focused on Connections

Oak Creek Commons was built intentionally in 2004 with cohousing and personal connections in mind. 

Designed for Neighbor Interactions

One key design element is an “allee” that winds through the community. All the homes face each other on each side of the allee, which is a broad, beautifully landscaped pathway that brings together all of the multi-generational residents.

Shared Amenities

The community also provides an excellent array of amenities, including a pool and spa. A full woodworking center is available, along with a community garden, orchard and children’s playground.

The large Common House, with its commercial-grade kitchen, is the scene of community dinners, entertainment and other gatherings. It offers two bedrooms for guests of residents. A library, laundry, large screen TV, children’s playroom, central plaza and deck on the oaks with BBQs .

Just the Beginning -- More to Come!


More to come!


More to come!